Product - HBOSS

HBOSS , Hospital BackOffice Support System, is designed to imporve the operation and efficiency of the front operations for small to medium size hospital.
  • It is windows based user friendly, easy to use and understandable application.
  • It is mainly used for hospital back office work.
    (Maintain Patient Data,Reporting,Billing,etc).
  • It is used for employee data processing like Maintaining the employee Data,Attendence,Salary Slip,Advance and Loan etc.
  • It is generating the dynamic Bill and Lab report of patients.
  • It is Maintaining the employee leave and Attendence.
  • It is generate the dynamic salary slip of employee on monthly basis.
  • It generate the report to end user.
  • It is also maintaining the expenses and income in the organization and provide Profit and Loss report.